I May Be Old, But Im Not Finished! Earl Inman


Published: December 8th 2012

Kindle Edition

105 pages


I May Be Old, But Im Not Finished!  by  Earl Inman

I May Be Old, But Im Not Finished! by Earl Inman
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I May Be Old, But Im Not Finished! may be just the anecdote for what ails you. Have your Golden Years failed to meet your expectations? Have the benefits of retirement and of being a senior citizen been relegated to getting a discount at Dunkin Donuts or at your local theater? Not only that, but have you found yourself old and not knowing how you got there? Did old age sneak up on you without warning? And, now that youre really old, are you not enjoying life anymore?

Do you wake each morning to “more of the same”? Have the aches and pains, medical interventions, and prescriptions taken most of the life out of you? I know how it is. Ive been there. I was long into my senior years and not enjoying myself anymore. When somebody would ask me how I felt, I would answer, “On a scale of 1 to 10, Im a minus 4.” But do you know what?

I found out that as long as your heart is pumping, you dont have to feel that way. You can still engage in life. Not only that, but you can have a say in shaping your Golden Years. As far as Im concerned, Id rather go out with a bang than with a whimper.Thus, I decided to take steps to put some excitement back into my life and regain that feeling of being alive. I searched the Internet for self-improvement and self-help books. But they werent much help. So I plowed right in and took charge of my own life. I found some great role models, from actor Paul Newman to a 103-year-old district judge.

As I went along, I found that others were dealing with the same issues that I was. At some point, it became clear that I had to bring my thoughts together in a book. As a result, I can share my experiences with you so you can fully participate in life, no matter what cards youve been dealt and no matter your age. It can be easy to blame circumstances or others for inaction.

Dont fall into that trap.Inside these pages, youll find a blueprint for rebuilding your senior years to make them work for you To use an oft-quoted phrase, its not rocket science. But you still may need help in finding your way. In this book, I start with what I call “basic training,” learning how to deal with the nitty gritty of daily living, often little things that shape your life. Following these basic steps will not only improve your daily living but will also allow you to more fully deal with what I call the three pillars of life – health, wealth, and purpose, or, as I prefer to say, passion.

Successfully dealing with these three pillars will go a long way toward enriching your senior years. In particular, having a purpose, or passion, in life will give you reason to get up in the morning to face the world. And, having a passion can improve your health and your wealth.

Its like winning the trifecta in horse racing. In the process, you can explore new areas for your life. I did. I was in my 70s when I acted in my first play, got involved with politics and wrote my first book.A final thought. It really is true. You are really as old as you think. So forget the birthdays and take charge of your senior years. You might just be amazed at who shows up. I was.

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