The Kendall Stone Richard Joseph Bonenfant

ISBN: 9781483995014

Published: April 17th 2013


306 pages


The Kendall Stone  by  Richard Joseph Bonenfant

The Kendall Stone by Richard Joseph Bonenfant
April 17th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 306 pages | ISBN: 9781483995014 | 8.24 Mb

The Kendall Stone is a story of the discovery of a strange meteorite with unusual properties. The object proves unusual in that it can induce a deep trance-like state in humans that come into close proximity to it. While in this state, the persons biographical memories and sensory perceptions are copied in full detail. A gifted psychic is invited to read the object in a special NASA experiment. She determines that the meteorite is an alien probe deliberately sent to Earth for unknown reasons. When a civilian organization closely affiliated with the Pentagon learns of this they manage to steal the probe from NASA in order to retro-engineer its mysterious power source.

Tension mounts through the organizations use of murder, psychic warfare and contracted abductions to advance its agenda. Then a disastrous event leads the young psychic on an otherworldly journey wherein she learns of our Planets ultimate fate. The story concludes with a disclosure of a momentous event which forever changes humanitys perception of its place in the Universe.

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